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Start your own brewery, give it a name, and brew any craft beer you can imagine in the strategy game Brew Town. Will you be able to create an amazing brew and become a real beer tycoon?

Brew Town has very simple gameplay: you'll begin the game with very little cash and rather run-down equipment, but keep brewing beers to earn money and upgrade your brewery. Keep creating new beers and building your brewery until you're the best (and biggest) craft brewery around!

But that's not all, once you have the perfect brew, you can personalize it to the smallest details. Choose the color of the bottle and its cap, and then create your own, unique label, using whatever pictures and colors you would like. You can even view other player's beers -and pick which ones you like or dislike- in a sort of Tinder-style mini game.

Brew Town is a simple, fun, and addictive strategy game with great graphics and loads of content. Create limitless craft beers with every kind of flavor and label imaginable.
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Design your own craft beer and manage your own brewery in Brew Town

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Android 4.0.3 or higher required

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